About “La Femme-Lumière”:

“Like Schehérezade,who was forced to think up stories in continuous succesion in order to escape death, Marlo Broekmans is constantly studying and displaying the image of her body, as if she is trying to snatch it away from time slipping past, by recording it in images and spheres.”
Régis Durand, (introduction)

“Marlo Broekmans (....) close to the 30’s surrealists, pulls out with expressionistic vigorousness the image of the heroïne of the myths and legends she incarnates”.
Patrick Roegiers (Le Monde)
“A whole private theater that runs through the individual, and gives birth to an oeuvre of great lightness, and great poetry.”
Régis Durand (Art Press)

About India and Nepal:

When I first visited India, the holy and most ancient city of Benares I had a strong sense of déjà vu and was intensely moved as I stepped down the ghats in the morning with the sound of chanting .Was this a glimpse of a former life or did I just enter a page of a book I received in my childhood? I searched to bring this experience into my photographs- Both my enjoyment of the theatrical and my love for the archaïc,the soulfull , the humour, plus the eager coöperation of my eastern “models”, pulled me back to India (and Nepal )over and over again.

About “Flowersculptures”:

Marlo collects flowers in personal herbaria to give them a second life as figurants in a private theater. In the process of decay the colours fade; the pigment is slowly withdrawing ; the shapes transform under her loose choreography into dancers, elfs, erotic and mythical scènes.
The flowers speak of her own dramas, the fascination for the darkness in the soul of the living and the beauty of luring death.
Yet, she deals with these subjects gracefully. They are playfull meditations.